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Greed up the international "Friends Circle" --- DRB-HICOM company Mr. Mohd Helmi and his party visited Ang European Cup Football Predictions NGAYON
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May 17,accompanied by Mr. Liang Tianfu, director of the Nanhai Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia,MalaysiaDRB-HICOM GroupHICOM DIECASTING Corporation's high -level Mr. Mohd Helmi to our business to communicate with our company,Deng Yang, General Manager of the Company、Related personnel of the marketing center accompanied communication。Mr. Mohd Helmi visited the company's exhibition hall、Tag production workshop,Focus on understanding RFID technology in cars、Applications in the logistics industry。


  DRB-HICOM is a large state-owned controlling enterprise in Malaysia, owned by itMore than 90 branches,Business covers more than 60 countries,There are more than 60,000 total employeesGroup business covered an airplane、Shipping、Iron、Train、Coal、Post、Architecture、Car、Bank,Even the military industry manufacturing and other businesses

DRB-HICOM owns Proton (Bao Chong),Lotus (Lotus) two major car brands。The reason why this visit can promote the successful use of the RFID car traceability label in domestic car companies。After the interview is over,Mr. Mohd Helmi sent email,Thank you for your enthusiastic reception of President Deng and the company,and expressed the visit to visit,Fully understand that RFID technology is in supply chain management、Quality Attacking、A significant advantage in smart logistics,After returning to China, you will further explore the application scenario with the company,I look forward to post -cooperation very much。

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