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Ang European Cup Football Predictions Ngayon Public Recruitment Announcement
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   According to the ANG EUROPEAN CUP FOOTBALL PRDICTIONS NGAYON (hereinafter referred to as"Company) Market business development needs. After research, decide to face the societyPublicRecruitment1 staff member of the technical research and development position1 market sales,announced the relevant matters as follows.

1. Recruitment Basic situation

Ang European Cup Football Predictions Ngayon was established in2008,It is the leading domestic radio frequency recognition (RFID) anti -counterfeiting product and anti -counterfeiting traceability solution supplier。It is a national high -tech enterprise、National Science and Technology SME、Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center、Sichuan Province's scientific and technological achievements transfer and transformation demonstration enterprise、The Ministry of Commerce's alcoholic traceability system、The important implementation units and model pilot implementation units of the food safety traceability system of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine。The company is a joint venture subsidiary of Wuliangye 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Group,The self -built industrial park covers an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters,Supporting European first -class automated production equipment and detection platform for quality control of the whole process,59 items with RFID -related patented technology。Participated in the formulation of the national alcohol circulation traceability management system standard,It has a profound impact at home and abroad。The company will rely on the advantages of technical strength,"Honesty、Diligence、Serious、Practical、Efficient、Unity "spirit,Provide customers with first -class product anti -counterfeiting、Medicine、Logistics、Personnel entering control and other solutions。

(1)RecruitmentJobandAppointment requirements

Job name

Basic conditions

Basic job responsibilities

Advanced software test engineer

1. Age Requirements: Under 35 years old; 

2. Education requirements: full -time bachelor degree or above;Key colleges first,Master's degree is unlimited college category 

3. ProfessionalCategoryInformation and Computing Science 80703 Communication Engineering 80706 Information Engineering 80901 Computer Science and Technology 80902 Software Engineering 80903 Network Project 80905 IoT Engineering 120801 E -Commerce 080909T Electronic and Computer Engineering 80701 Electronic Information Engineering 8 0702 Electronic Science and Technology, etc. Related majors

4. Other requirements:Software test work experience above 3 years, 2 yearsandAbove software automation test development work experience.

1. Familiar with the project management process,Familiar with software development test process,Familiar with test cases、Test report writing;
2. With test development experience (C/C ++/Python is proficient in at least one language),It can be edited and written for test script and automation test code。
3. Familiar with common testing tools and frameworks,such as Selenium、junit、testng、appium, etc.。
4. Familiar with the use of common database systems and SQL language;
5. Familiar with Ethernet related agreements and common network analysis tool software;
6. Familiar with the use of common project management tools such as Zen Tao;
7. With the management experience of software testing team;

Sales Manager

1. Age requirements: under 35 years old;

2. Education requirements:Full -time bachelor degree or above;Key colleges first,Master's degree is unlimited college category

3. Professional category:


4. Other requirements:

2 years and above related work experience.With strong communication ability、Customer maintenance ability、Team collaboration ability,With product sales、Project implementation experience,Being able to write product solutions and sales solutions independently;

.I have participated in the project bidding experience,Familiar with the project bidding process;

.Background in the field of marketing or sales,Have the management experience of the sales team;

.You can use various office software,such as word、Excel、Powerpoint, etc.。


1. The mining, collection and analysis of market information;

2. Promotion of market development, products and services;

3. Customer service and sales;

4. Sign and execute the sales contract;

5. Maintenance of customer relationship;

6. Tracking and management of sales data;

7. Treatment of customer complaints;

(2) Recruitment objects and scope

This recruitment is for all social jobs that meet the requirements of this announcement and related job conditions、Non -employee。Candidates must obtain the requirements of the job conditions at the time of registrationEducationCertificate;,The company has the right to refuse recruitment

(3) Basic conditions

1.Conditions that candidates should have at the same time

1) Comply with the law of abide by the law、Honest and trustworthy、​​Pin line up、Her hard work、Love Gang dedication,Have good professional ethics and professional ethics,No bad records。

2) Body is healthy, colorless, colorless,No infectious disease,Compliance with the company's medical examination standard,Can fulfill the responsibilities of recruitment positions normally。

3) Work experience: working yearsThe calculation deadline is the last day of the recruitment registration

4) Age requirements: Taking the ID card as the subject, inUnder 35 years old.

5) Education requirements:Full -timebachelor's degree or above

6) Professional requirements: Study majors should be consistent with the requirements of the job or other conditions to meet the requirements of unlimited professional

2.Candidates have one of the following circumstances, registrationor hiredInvalid:

1) Fleeing public office and being expelled from the Communist Party of China.

2) Suspecting illegal and discipline is being reviewed by relevant agencies,No conclusion has not yet made。


4) Active soldiers、Student in school、National Orientation Recruitment Training Personnel、Signed a service agreement with the state and not fully fulfilled the service period。

5) is listed as a joint disciplinary target.

6) There is a history of drugs.

7) has been punished by various types of criminal punishment.

8) Fake application materials in various types of recruitment in the company、Disrupt the exam order、Fraud。

9) Submitted registration materials incomplete,21006_21024。or the company requires providing evidence, but it is not submitted on time.

10) other circumstances stipulated in laws and regulations.

2. Recruitment process

Recruitment process is divided into: registration-Qualification review-Assessment-Public announcement-Physical Examination-Public announcement-Recruitment results OK-ApplicationJobprocedures

3. Work arrangements and related requirements

(1) Registration

1.Registration time:From the date of the announcement of this announcement, to2024Year4month30th.If the number of recipients is insufficient for recruitment positions,The company has the right to extend the registration time or cancel the recruitment。

2.CandidatesshouldRead this announcement carefully,Detailed understanding of recruitment positions、relevant policies regulations and precautions,Register for posts that fully meet the registration conditions according to their own situation。ApplicationInformationOnce submitted, it cannot be modified, due to personalInadequate registration information, errorsCaused registration failureor follow -up questions, responsible.

3. Application information:

1) "Application Form" (electronic file),Please download the attachment "Application Registration Form" for details,and name it according to the format of "Job+Name" format。

2) ID card、Graduation Certificate、Scan or photos of the degree certificate,Press after packingJob+Name "format name.

3) Some positions may be required to provide work resumes during the recruitment process、Work performance、Evil materials for work ability,Candidates must be true、Provide in time。

4.This recruitment registration adopts the front -end Wuyou website resume delivery、Company mailbox ( Resume delivery method is carried out.

Candidates must press"Job+Name" format submits the application information after naming the theme of the mail。

(2) Qualification review

1.The company will organizeStaffRegistration information submitted by the hired personComprehensiveJudging。Qualified for review,Enter the follow -up link; the unqualified review,Do not enter the next link。The review content includes but not limited to age、Education、Professional、Work experience、job matching degree, etc.,The results of the review are based on the company's identification。

2. After screening、After review,The ratio of job recruitment to resumes is less than 1: 3,The company has the right to adjust or cancel the job recruitment quota。

3. Recommended resume Uniformly screening after the registration deadline,Screening results,It will be determined within one week after the registration deadline; if the registration time is postponed,OK within a week after the postponement of the postponementCandidates who screen through resume,The company will inform the phone or text message,If the notification is notified, it is deemed to be automatically given up if it is not given up in time;,The company will not notify separately。

(3) Assessment

Evaluation is divided into two links: written test and interview,Comprehensive results=Written test results×50%+Interview results×50%。Comprehensive results retain the decimal point after two digits,The same scores are the same,Sort at the high and low interview results。The assessment form can be online or offline,According to the company's arrangement of changes,The company has the right to adjust the assessment method and form,Specific company notification。

1) Written test

1. The written test is a closed -volume test with a score of 100 points.

2. The written test mainly examines the logical thinking of candidates、job skills、Comprehensive literacy and other aspects of ability or condition。

3.Specific written testTimeLocationand formA separate notice, the candidate must maintaincommunication methodunblocked.

2) Interview

1. InterviewThe score is full to100points, interviewScoreBelow than60pointsNo admission. After the interview score retains the decimal pointTwobit.

2.InterviewMainly examine the comprehensive candidateAnalysisability, logical thinking, emergency treatment,Language expression,The ability to solve problems,Patriarch and other aspects of position matching.

3.SpecificInterview timeLocationand formA separate notice, the candidate must maintaincommunication methodunblocked.

(4) Admission medical examination

1.Sort from high to low according to the comprehensive score of candidates in each position,Determine the participation in the medical examination personnel according to the number of recruiters,Physical examination time and place will be notified separately,Physical examination costs self -care。

2.If the results of the physical examination are not in line with the company's new employee hiring standard,Not hired。The results of the medical examination are subject to the company's identification.

3.Recruitment quota that is vacant due to unqualified medical examination,If you need to add,The company can rank according to the grade of the corresponding job candidates,Replenishes the medical examination in turn。

(5) Public announcement

1. Personalized personnel,The company will take a period of time3 working daysPublic announcement

2.During the publicity period, any violation of laws and disciplines discovered during the publicity period,Reporters should get real names to the companyDisciplinary InspectionSupervisor Reflecting Questions,Provide necessary survey clues,Otherwise, it will not be accepted。

3.There are serious problems reflected during the publicity period and check the basis、Not meeting the requirements for the application,Cancellation Qualification。There are serious problems on reflection,But it is difficult to verify or deny for a while,After being verified, decide whether to cancel the qualification。

(6) Recruitment

The recruitment process and recruitment results of our unit must be submitted to the superior supervisor unit,The final recruitment results above the above competent unit for approval results。The results of the medical examination meet the company's new employee recruitment standards,Public announcementViolations and disciplineFeedback, and approved by the superior management unit,hired.

1.Publishing "Requirement Conditional Notification" to the person to be hired。The two parties confirm that it is correct,Standards the job procedures,Signature3Demonstrate Labor ContractTrial period3-6month. If the trial period is not qualified, the labor contract shall be lifted according to law

2. If you find that the candidate has the registration information for fraud、Intentional concealment of personal unfavorable factors,The company has the right to terminate the labor contract,Hutching related responsibilities。

3. The main working address of this recruitment position is No. 30, Xixin Avenue, Gaoxinxi District, Chengdu, Sichuan。

(7) Salary and benefits

1. RecruitersSalary is implemented according to the company's current salary system,The current salary level of the company is in the same industry、It has strong competitiveness in the same area; the salary period is based on job salary80%distribution

2. The company purchases "five insurances and one gold" for employees according to national policies,Employees can enjoy self -run cafeteria、Subsidies for meals、employee dormitory、holiday condolences、Labor insurance supplies、Health Medical Examination and other benefits。

4. Other matters

(1) According toHonest and trustworthyPrinciples,The information and materials submitted by the candidate,It is deemed to be the authenticity of the candidate's information content、Make a commitment and bear responsibility。Candidates have submitted their registration materials,It is deemed to be known and identified all the contents of this announcement。

(2) During the recruitment period,If the candidate himself、Relatives or friends, etc., do not comply with the company's rules and regulations、Work requirements,Visit visit、Visiting and other unfair ways affect recruitment work,or affecting the company's production and operation order,Company can cancel the qualifications of applicants。The serious plot,It will be transferred to the judicial organs for treatment。

(3) In the recruitment work,The company does not charge any fees。If you have any questions, you can consult a telephone。

Consultation Tel:028-87877468-8123

Consultation Time:working day,08:30-12:00,13:30-17:30

(5) Recruitment work accepts companyDisciplinary InspectionSupervision and social supervision,Discovery for falsification information during the recruitment process at any time、Fraud and other illegal violations and disciplinary behaviors and masters practical evidence,Can be realized to the companyDisciplinary InspectionSupervision reflectionOnce verified,The test will be canceled、Cancel the qualifications of hire or lift the labor contract,andAccording to regulationsExpress relevant personnel responsibilities.

Supervision Tel:028-87877468-8121

(6)For the selection of the company's developmentRequirements39155_39159The company has the right to follow the candidateResume description,Comprehensive performanceorAdjustment or cancellation of recruitment results.

(7)The results in this recruitment process are announced、Plan adjust、Policy change, etc., inform the official website of the 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Information Automation Company,Please pay attention to all candidates in time,If the losses and liability caused by not paying attention or not to pay attention to the relevant information shall be borne by the candidate。

eight) The final interpretation right of this recruitment announcementANG EUROPEAN CUP FOOTBALL PRDICTINS NGAYON

Feeling this announcement

Annex:Application registration form




6. Attachment

Scan the following QR code download application registration formWord file:


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