Focus on RF recognition (RFID) product development、Application and development of production and automatic identification technology
2024 EUROPEAN CUP new packaging industry clus
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  March 20,The 110th Spring Spring and Wine Association will be held in Chengdu。As a member of the 2024 EUROPEAN CUP new packaging industry cluster, Our company uses the Plas booth platform,Product display in the functional area of ​​its big data service platform,attracted the attention of many food companies and packaging design companies。


       This exhibition we focus on wine、Food Safety Traceability、Intelligent manufacturing and circulation of food companies,shows our high -security electronic label,RFID smart bottle cap、NFC interactive applet and other products,fully reflects the protection of RFID technology in the brand protection、channel management、Excellent performance in consumer interaction and other aspects。At the same time,We also cooperate with Plas、Putian Packaging received a number of intelligent packaging potential customers at the scene,Show 2024 EUROPEAN CUP new packaging industry clus。


        Ang European Cup Football Predictions NGAYONIt has been committed to building a food safety traceability system for 15 years,Use RFID technology to provide the enterprise in the supply chain、Production、Quality control、Circulation and other links to empowerment,Help food companies brand protection and digital transformation。In the future, we will also be with Plas、Putian and other new packaging industry clusters cooperate with cooperation、Deep fusion,Participate with customers with smart packaging integrated solution。


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