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2024 EUROPEAN CUP Informatization Qingming Festival "Remember、Burmese Huai、Entrusted "theme party day event
Publisher: ANG EUROPEAN CUP FOP FOOTBALL PREDICTINS NGAYON  Author: Xu Anhui (picture) He Jinqiao (text) Yuan Shaochun (review)  Release time: 2024-03-28  Views: 766 times

YearQingmingToday Qingming, Xianlie changed to the country.March 27, 2024,Ang European Cup Football Predictions Ngayon Party Branch Organize All Party Member Cadres、Young representatives and employee representatives,The Qingming Festival "Remember、Burmese Huai、Entrusted "theme party day education activity。

Come to the Martyrs Cemetery,With great respect for the revolutionary martyrs,Solemn and solemn"Revolutionary Martyrs Monument" dedicated the flower basket、Each person holds Huang Ju in memory of the martyrs,Subsequent,Comrade Zhang Shijie, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Company, put forward my ardent hope: our good life today is not easy,Promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation,Give full play to the role of party members and cadres,The influence of actual action and driving the people around them,Establish a good image of party members and cadres,To relive the history of revolution、Revolutionary revolutionary martyrs、InheritancePatriotic Spirit,Shape positive health、Struggling to the upward spirit。

This event,Under the leadership of the interpreter in the museum,Visit the deeds of the Memorial Museum of Martyrs,Revisiting the Revolution of 1911、During the Party's Establishment and Revolution、During the Land Revolution、The National Anti -Japanese War period、Liberation war period、Socialist Revolution and Construction period、Seven different historical events that occurred in Chengdu during the construction of reform and opening up and socialist modernization and the heroic deeds of the heroes of the famous Chengdu martyrs。


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