Focus on RF recognition (RFID) product development、Application and development of production and automatic identification technology
Actively participate in labor competition strong skills to increase energy production
Publisher: ANG EUROPEAN CUP FOP FOOTBALL PREDICTINS NGAYON  Author: Yu Xuechao (picture) Shu Wei (Wen) Wang Wenjian (review)  Release time: 2023-12-04  Views: 904 times

In order to further inspire the work enthusiasm and creativity of front -line employees,Improve production efficiency and quality,Promote the continuous development of the company,Promote the improvement of front -line employees to improve the actual work skills and the accumulation of professional knowledge,Enhance team cooperation and association consciousness,Active application of the company's union,Successful approved by the trade union of the high -tech zone,The competition of the "Chengdu Million Workers' Labor and Skills Competition High-tech Division of the High-tech Division of the Tournament" will be carried out within the scope of the company.。This event has been strongly supported by the High -tech Zone Cooperation Street Office and the company's trade unions。In order to enable the labor skills competition plan to effectively execute,Measures to the ground,Competition Organizing Committee Rich Competition,Strict competition process。The company's union arranges someone from the competition organization to the results of the competition to track the whole process、Comprehensive Record,Further stimulated the enthusiasm of the first -line employees。

In the competition,The contestants of the Production Safety Management Department and the Ministry of Quality Management are concentrated on each other、Show its ability,Clear process、Skilled operation,Answer Basic Knowledge,shows the excellent theoretical literacy and good spiritual style,Show superb craftsmanship and excellent staff style。Written test、Practical and other processes such as intense competition,Finally, the first, second and third prizes and several encouragement awards。and timelyPublic announcement of the results of the competition,Publicity to reflect the competition、Justice and fairness。

This competition is to set up display skills for front -line workers、Platform of exchange experience,Not only testing the business ability of front -line employees,It has promoted unity and collaboration between departments。After the competition is over,Participants have said,will take this competition as an opportunity,Work carefully,Solid hard practice,Work hard to achieve job creation,Make new contributions to promoting the company's high -quality development。

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